Hi my name is Frank. 

I am glad that you have decided to read on. My passion and my business is to make money online through Affiliate Marketing. It is not a get rich quick scheme and I don’t promise myself or anyone else, that this will make us millionaires in the next few months. What it will do, is make money while working from home (or anywhere there is an internet connection).  There are of course many people who have made huge sums of money doing this type of work … and if you desire it enough you may become one of them.

What I am talking about is making enough money to be free of money worries so as I can treat the people I love to a few extras that make life more enjoyable for everyone. I don’t need a fortune to do that.. but .. If I want more so as to help charities and help others, then I could work harder and make more. That is the beauty of this business. How much you earn is a product of your own hard work and perseverence.

My passion and business is to help people make money online through Affiliate Marketing.

This is truly an effective, real and HONEST way to mae money online.  Don’t believe all the misleading hype you read on tempting headlines. You need to learn how to do it, just like with a bricks and mortar business. You need to work with the three P’s – Postive Energy, Patience (to learn and not give up easily) and Perseverence (to keep going while you build your skills). Apply those principles and you will soon see results that could simply change your life.

You may be a student, or a full time employee who is searching for more freedom in your work life, or maybe just someone who wants to earn more than you do currntly so as you can afford a few luxuries or maybe you  are a retiree who still has something to offer and make money while doing it………  Whatever category you are in ……..

Let’s make a start with the basics and  take a look at how to make money with Affiliate Programs.

Affiliate Marketing is essentially referral marketing, That is, when you refer anyone to a specific company to buy their product, that company will pay you a commission. All you need to do is make a modest website/blog like this one and apply to companies who have an affiliate program and simply sign up with them. My first and favourite company is Wealthy Affiliate. Why? Because they provide membership for free. Yes free and when I say free i mean they do not charge anything for their free training and incredible support. I am only here writing this because of their program and help. When you refer them to a new customer who then goes on to higher level training and skill development you get paid.

Companies NEED to continually grow their online presence (just like you and me)  and they need people like us to be a part of their advertising of their products and that is why they will pay you a commission for referring people to their site that make a purchase.  Find out for yourself.  Google any company like this … enter  “company’s name + affiliate program” and it will show you if that company has an affiliate program.

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